10 Things I’ve Learned From Working In Social Media For A Year


When I tell people i work in social media I get a variety of responses. Some are obnoxious, “So all you do is tweet all day?”  to “wow, I would hate that.” (yea…me too sometimes.) Not all are negative. Many people are impressed that I’m able to remember 100 passwords and juggle 50 accounts aka “keep it together”. (This is not true, I’m really a hot mess) But I have learned a whole hell of a lot from working with 20+ brands over the past year. And I would like to impart some of my short-lived wisdom regarding my experiences upon you.

10-things-ive-learned-from-working-in-social-media-for-a-year| 10 Things I’ve Learned From Working In Social Media For a Year |

1. People are Funny

calm tits

Like….SO funny. (that’s one of my favorite memes) Social media is an incredible gateway for people to express themselves. I’m mostly impressed by those that have enough time to create the enormous amount of completely useless yet hilarious content that is floating around the internet. It blows my mind, but I’m thankful as hell for it.

2. People are Mean/Dumb/Not Funny/Lame

I know I just said people are funny. Some are, but there are a lot of people out there that only use social media as a weapon and it’s gross. It’s really unfortunate. That’s technically Anti-social media and I don’t approve. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all… or better yet,


3. It’s About Psychology and Sociology social media quote

I feel like this now is pretty obvious, but it took me a while to fully grasp the concept. I spend a large majority of my day analyzing people’s behaviors, responses and actions on social media. It’s not just about the surface likes, retweets and shares. I’ve learned that you must take time to understand your community and their behaviors to better serve them. Always be asking why in order to deliver better content to your customers.

4. Don’t Drink and Tweet


You know what’s not fun? Losing your job because you didn’t toggle twitter accounts and you went on a drunk tweeting spree across your client’s account. #oopsie

5. You Have To Be Authentic

One of my all-time favorite social media/marketing experts is Ted Rubin. I’ve blogged about him before, but I buy in 100% to his #RonR philosophy. Or ‘Return on Relationship.’ I believe relationships boil down to authenticity. Not only being real with the people you engage with, but also yourself.

6. Animals Win the Internet…Always

If you haven’t already noticed, animals and the internet are gold. They were made for each other. Just look at Grumpy Cat, she’s netted her owner $100 mill in just 2 years or just google search, ‘funny animals’. If you’re looking to quickly up your engagement stats, try throwing in some relevant animal memes or gifs into your content rotation. The results will speak for themselves. Just make sure it makes sense for your brand.


7. Track and Measure Everything, Prove Your ROI

When I first started at Found Media, we didn’t have many systems in place for tracking follower growth or setting goals for engagement. When you only manage one brand it’s easy to track, but you have to remember to analyze the numbers. but when you’re a manager toggling between 10+ brands keeping up with it all can be rough. Utilize all the tracking resources out there; twitonomy, social bro, hootsuite, iconosquare…the list goes on and on. We are constantly reporting on these numbers and adjusting our strategies accordingly. It helps keep everything really transparent and also proves our value.

8. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Don’t take it personally. It is impossible to make everyone happy. As long as you are delivering the services promised, work your butt off and apologize for mistakes. At the end of the day you just have to realize that some people are irrational, ignorant and generally unhappy people. So….10 things i've learned working in social media for a year

9. Budget Your Time Wisely10 things I've learned working in social media for the past year

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to stop saying, “I don’t have enough time.” I have the time, I just don’t manage it effectively for things I want to do. This past year I’ve become a MUCH better time manager. Social Media can be a HUGE time suck if you can’t manage it effectively. Properly budgeting your tiime comes down to planning. I know, womp womp. Painstaking, but it’s true. Find a system that works for you, budget your time for both work and personal. For work, break down even the smallest of tasks and set time limits. We use Harvest Time Tracking to track how long we take on each task. You’ll prevent burn-out, stay creative and feel much more productive. Ya!

10. Be Flexible and Decisive

Finally, I’ve learned you just have to be flexible and you definitely don’t have time to be indecisive. The landscape of social media is constantly changing to better meet the demands of it’s users. It’s nonstop and FAST. On top of that, clients change their minds…a lot. Just go with it and make it work.

Well, there you have it. Just some of the most important things I’ve learned from working in social media for the past year. I love what I do, it fascinates me and it’s never boring. It definitely has it’s days though, just like any job.


Gift Guide 04: For The Guys


Oh boys! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Today’s gift guide is all about that special Mr. in your life. Whether it be your dad, brother, hubbie or man-friend…scoring the right Christmas present is a must. I’ve rounded up a selection of my top picks for those mighty males:


Buying a gift for a guy can be frustrating. They aren’t great at dropping hints and definitely don’t have their Pinterest game together. So I’ve come up with a pretty solid set of questions to ask yourself to help determine if the gift is just right:

1. Can he drink it? If the answer is yes, he’ll like it.

2. Will it make him drunk? If the answer is yes, he’ll love it.

3. Can he plug it into something? If the answer is yes, he’ll like it.

4. Can he drive it, play it or smash it? If the answer is yes, he’ll like it.

5. Can he wear it? If the answer is yes, he’ll put it on and say he loves it. (this is good enough) 

6. Did you make it? If the answer is yes, he’ll be disappointed and pretend he loves it. (this is a risky option. Only do it if you’re making something super badass.)

I hope this helps you all on your quest for the perfect gift for him!


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Closet Confessions: My Black and White Experiment


I love clothes and appreciate the role they serve in speaking for us when we don’t feel talking. But I’m quickly slowly learning that clothes and other random crap just won’t make me happy. My mission for 2015 is to kick ass, effectively manage my anxiety and be as happy as possible.closet confessions why I got rid of over 50 percent of my closet

I have long suffered from anxiety, which in the past has led to rather exhaustive shopping trips. I have to look at every single item, on every aisle, on every rack, shelf or cubby. Because…what if I miss something?! (Spoiler AlertI know realize and appreciate that life will simply go on. I will survive.) I’ve never enjoyed shopping with other people because of this compulsion and it has lead to a lifetime of indecisiveness when it comes to purchasing decisions. Here’s how it always plays out:

1. Enter store, begin ‘shopping’. Aka inspecting.

2. Fill up basket with items.

3. Inventory said basket and analyze items using mental checklist of to buy/not to buy questions.

Then Either Two Scenarios Play Out:

Option A.  Hastily purchase everything before I can change my mind about anything.

Option B. Put the basket down and run out of the store.

More often than not Option A is (or should I say was) my default. I’d find one reason ‘I needed’ to buy all the items/clothes etc. in the basket and the rest is history. Except that history is sitting right in my closet. Glaring at me, weighing on me everyday as I put together an outfit from the same rotation of 15 different items from my closet. Majority of it just hang there looking sad and lonely, many still tagged. For me, getting dressed can become this daunting task that leads to a sudden onset of minor anxious depression when the right outfit just doesn’t present itself. Therein lies the, “I have nothing to wear” dilemma.

I call Bullshit.

Of course I have something to wear. I have an entire walk-in closet full of clothes. Clothes with tags…clothes that have seen the light of day maybe once; sometimes only for a few hours. This is why a few months back I made a conscious decision:

I would only wear black and white during the week.

Bam. But why? For several reasons:

1. I own a lot of black clothes so it wouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Black and white is eternally stylish.

3. Black is slimming. (this is more of just an added bonus than a real reason) 

4. Dramatically cuts down my outfit decision-making time in the AM, allowing me to have a more productive and relaxing morning routine.

5. It leaves all my colorful clothes for the weekend. (but lets get real, I never go out anymore so they still just sit and look sad) 

6. It’s one less this that I have to stress about during the day.

I posted this Instagram on September 11th and since then have consistently only worn black and white to work. And guess what… 

Closet Confessions: Why I started wearing only black and white

Closet Confessions: Why I started wearing only black and white


so far my black and white outfit ‘experiment’ is working. I’ve dramatically cut down the time I spend staring into the depths of my closet. I don’t experience that knot in my stomach or frustration of not having an outfit come together 20 minutes before I’m supposed to leave the house. All my white and black items sit front and center. I grab a top, a bottom, jazz it up with accessories & shoes and I’m out the door. Does it match? Of course it does…it’s black and white. Do I look put together? Of course I do, I’m wearing black and white. Closet Confessions: Why I started only wearing black and white




I appreciate the intentionality and simplicity of my work week outfits. The end of this year for me has been one of many changes. While I’m still figuring some of them out, this outfit experiment has been a positive and welcomed one. Will I continue wearing only black and white to work forever? I have no idea. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind. But for now, I crave the comfort of knowing I always have something to wear.

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Life In ATX // DTK Austin Styling

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Gift Guide 06: The Dogs


I’d be remise if I left out a gift guide for my best friends. It might sound harsh, but I love dogs more than people. Dogs simply make life better. SO MUCH BETTER. Our two fur babies make us laugh every single day. When we rescued them I had no idea how much they would impact the quality of my life. But they seriously provide me with so much joy it makes my heart hurt because there is so much love. So why not treat those pooches during the most wonderful time of the year?gift-guide--For-The-Dogs

That doggie tipi is on another level of hipster dog chic, isn’t it? Target always has an incredible selection of dog products. And did you know Baublebar has an exclusive guest ‘Bark-tender’ this month? Well, they do and it’s all about the puppy glam. Our dogs give us so much, having a few presents under the tree will make their Christmas morning. (Although I can’t guarantee they won’t enjoy the wrapping paper more than the actual gift…it’s the thought that counts, right?!) 


And you can stop holding your breath for a cat gift guide, it won’t happen. I don’t like cats and I’m not sorry. Bah, Humbug!

Gift Guide 05: The Hostess


We all have one or two people that just know how to throw a party. I always have these wild daydreams of hosting the most elaborate and festive parties, but I can only manage to entertain once a year. Being a hostess requires many special skills, but having the right tools is key! Make sure the hostess on your list is armed and ready to party:


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