Hi, I’m Margery. A New York girl, 5’5, 28 years old, single, and a still life photographer. I took a tour around Europe for my gap year and never stopped! Obsessed with seeing a different picture each time I glance out of a window, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, listening to new tales and getting lost with my camera. I’ve been on the road for over 600 days, changing careers from coffee shops to merchandising. I managed to get a yoga instructor certificate along the way and started this blog. Somehow it all worked out in a story. I think it looks amazing, what about you?

Largely I’m busy collecting subjects that speak to a viewer and helping them to present what they have to tell in the best possible manner. If not, you’ll most likely find me wandering around a place I don’t really know, camera in hand, blagging my way through a conversation in a language I don’t really get, practicing a downward dog surrounded with a scenery I have yet to explore.

In the blog, I also write about the less pleasant side of nomadic lifestyle: stress from time zones changing, jet lag, inability to find meals you are accustomed to etc. I share my own experience of staying healthy on the road as well as quote famous travelers and yogis I look up to.
So, join me up in my travel. Let’s find out more about the beauty of the world and our place in it together!