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California Dreamin’: Best Friends & Cups of Tea

Finally, I’ve got my life together here back in Austin! I’m able to share a few photos I took during my trip to the homeland in Northern California. It was a last-minute trip and I’m SO happy I was able to steal a few days to make it out there. My first stop was to see my long-lost best friend, Nekia (Niki). I hadn’t seen this gorgeous girl in 4 years! We spent the day/night in San Francisco with a few of our close friends from high school. Needless to say it was quite a night! 

We had a fab time, it was like nothing had changed. It felt like 2007 again. Beautiful. (*side note: this was supposed to be a 3-way best friend reunion…but our third bestie decided to leave Santa Barbara without her wallet….and had to turn around. So she didn’t make it. Super sad face.) 

It was hard getting up that next morning, I didn’t want to leave her so soon, but I had to scoot up north to see the parents! It was so relaxing and refreshing. There is something about traveling that makes me feel especially calm and creative. I adore it. My mom and I are the artistic souls of the family. Thankfully she loves to shop and appreciates pretty things just like I do. So we spent a large majority of the time browsing, exploring and just catching up. We don’t get to see each other nearly enough with me living in Austin. 

One of the highlights of the trip though, was getting to visit my mom’s new shop for the first time. I am SO insanely proud of her for taking the huge plunge into entrepreneurship and fulfilling her dreams. She’s always had a business being an artist, but always dreamed of having her very own place. Well, Vintage Revivals, is where vintage becomes new again! They have custom jewelry, home decor, unique furniture and amazing vintage finds. If you are in the neighborhood, definitely stop on in and say hi! Be sure to like her Facebook page or visit her Etsy shop!! I’m obsessed with her.

I had an amazing visit. It was great to see old friends, slow down for a bit and of course spend a bit of time with the parents. (Although, I was force-fed tea like it was going out of style. Real talk, my mom is british and my dad, scottish. They drink at least 6/8 cups of tea a day.) Austin may be my “home” or “hometown” now, but California/Sebastopol will always be where I’m “from”.

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