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Effective Ways to Organize Your Pinterest Boards


Pinterest makes me happy. As both a person and a digital marketing professional. Not only can I get lost for hours on Pinterest, but I love implementing Pinterest strategies for the brands I manage. Finding effective ways to organize your Pinterest boards can be tricky though. Or maybe you have never even given it a thought. But taking time to organize and clean up your boards can have a big impact on your traffic, engagement and follower rates. I’ve chosen a few accounts I think do a great job of naming, curating and organizing their Pinterest boards and I’ll explain why:


| Example #1 Mrs. Lilien |

Not only is Mrs. Lilien an amazing blogger with a knack for creating the most visually stunning content, but she has put a lot of time and energy into her Pinterest account. With over 25,000 pins, things can get lost in the shuffle. But I love how she stays up to date on her board organization. Before I get into the actual arrangement of the boards, lets take a minute to talk titles. The jury is still out with me on what strategy works the best, but from everything I’ve been able to gather on how Pinterest searches work, Clear, Concise and Accurate Titles work the best. While it can be tempting to use symbols and such, these do not help you get discovered and can be distracting/confusing for your followers. Ok, back to the boards. Mrs. Lilien has been very kind to those in search of holiday inspiration and ideas. Notice she has put Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fall Fashion, Holiday Wish List and Booze Board right up at the top so you don’t have to scroll through the rest of her 108 boards to find what you’re looking for. This is a great strategy if you are consistently driving traffic to your main Pinterest page to increase followers.  Keep the time of year, holidays, key search terms in mind when arranging your boards.

Explore Mrs. Lilien on Pinterest

| Example #2 Moorea Seal |

An official Pinterest expert, Moorea Seal, knows whats up with Pinterest. She has over 900k followers and 42,504 pins. Cray Cray. You’ll notice that she has taken a similar approach as Mrs. Lilien, by placing her holiday-themed boards at the top (aka: If they’re doing it…you might want to consider trying it) They know that their followers will be looking to them and their Pinterest profiles for holiday DIYS, inspiration and gift ideas. Moorea also does a great job titling her boards, but she goes a step further in really curating the ‘cover images’ of the boards. While this may seem trivial to some, the cover image can make a big difference to whether or not someone ultimately decides to follow that board. Choose (or make!) cover images that look good, relevant and consistent with your brand. She also is running a contest, and made sure to place the board at the very front, so her fans could easily find contest information.

Explore Moorea Seal on Pinterest

| Example #3 Lauren Jade (ME!) |

Oh look, it’s me! Last, but not least….ok, maybe least; I only have 600 something followers and 5k pins, but I recently implemented a very of the strategies I’ve listed above and found them to really help my traffic and follower rate. I took some time to really clean up my Pinterest profile to match my blog and personal branding. I took the curation of the cover images to an extreme with sticking to a strictly black and white color theme. I love that when people visit my Pinterest profile now from my blog they will feel it’s the same brand. I also fell prey to the crazy title trap a while back. My boards were titled ridiculous things like *//S@VE it for L8ter//* (Aol instant messenger called, it wants it’s screen name back) and | Business | (Ill get to why this isn’t a great in a minute) So I went through a re-titled all my boards with clear and relevant titles, with words I think people might be searching for. I also was against having a lot of boards, but I finally decided to break up a few of my more ‘general category’ boards into sub-category boards. Example: My Business Board became: Entrepreneurship, Visual Branding, Social Media & Marketing, Packaging & Design etc.  This way the pins on these boards are much more specific and categorized. The only thing I haven’t done is put all my holiday boards at the top, instead I’ve put the boards most relevant to the themes on my blog.

Explore My Pinterest Profile

It can be difficult for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to stay on top of the constant evolution of social media and digital marketing. Figuring out what makes sense for your brand can be tough and down right overwhelming. Pinterest is a great platform for amplifying your content and helping your customers discover your brand. Unfortunately many people are intimidated by the shear volume and ‘black hole’ of it. Hopefully these tips will help you start organizing your profile and leveraging Pinterest for your business.

4 Great Digital Marketing and Social Media Blogs You Need to Know About


Sharing is caring. That’s why today I’m sharing some of my favorite marketing and social media blogs you need to know about. But I’m not going to give you the normal list of ‘top marketing experts’ like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Bullas, Seth Godin…let’s throw a female in there shall we, Mari Smith...because that would be a snooze and too easy. Not to say the aforementioned figures aren’t amazing at what they do, I just want to throw a couple of names you may not have heard of, that I really trust and admire for different reasons. the best marketing and social media blogs you need to know...

Ted Rubin

I can’t say enough good things about Ted Rubin. I had the pleasure of meeting him two years ago during SXSW, where he gave me a signed copy of his book. This past SXSW we all met up one night on a whim via Twitter of course! And he then invited J and me to a panel that he was speaking on the next day. He is one of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met and he knows his shit. This book put everything in perspective for me and severely changed my outlook of how I approach relationships both in real life and online. (In a good way of course!)

Ted Rubin during sxsw with phoxcharge


Ted is a Social Media strategist, keynote speaker, brand evangelist and acting CMO for Brand Innovators. Get a copy of this amazing book HERE and follow him at @tedrubin

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah‘s blog stands out to me because it’s focused, easy to read and relatable. It’s also not all ‘me, me, me’. A lot of super popular blogs I’ve noticed are constantly trying to sell their products, services or selves to you while you’re simply trying to access their content. I get it, we all need to make a pretty penny, but that’s why I enjoy Rebekah’s blog. Yes, she has some banner ad’s promoting her products, but it’s not plastered all over. Super valuable and actionable posts as well. 

Rebekah is a social media strategist, speaker and digital marketing specialist. As well as the Chief Experience Officer of Imagine WOW. You can read her blog here and follow her @RebekahRadice.


Curalate is one of my current favorites. I’m ALL about UGC (User-generated Content) and so are they. See, they even have a whole tab for UGC. I love how they present and layout their blog posts. They are a data and results-driven marketing product. This gives them the unique ability to gather TONS of useful data and insights from big brands that most of us wouldn’t normally have access to. The case studies are fascinating and their blog never disappoints.

Curalate is the world’s leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web. They have GREAT webinars and are constantly offering free PDF’s so be sure to follow them! @Curalate.

Noah Kagan

A true Austinite; lover of breakfast tacos and marketing, Noah Kagan’s blog is super no frills and aptly titled, “OkDork”. What I love about Noah is that he lays it all out there, isn’t afraid to use his failures as good learning lessons and always is sure to inject a good amount of humor into his posts. I subscribe to his email newsletter and it’s great. He’s also always giving away useful/free marketing products! (Who doesn’t love the price of free?)

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.16.32 PM

Noah is the Chief Sumo at, where he promotes cool tools and content to help entrepreneurs kick more ass. Before that he was a ‘cubicle monkey’ at Intel, #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. Explore Noahs’ blog HERE and @NoahKagan

There are SO many more but there are just some of my favorite go-to’s. I’d love to hear what social media blogs I need to know about!