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Tackle The Trend: Glittery Glam Pumpkins


This time of year is so exciting; there is just something in the air. The anticipation of the holiday season distracts me from mourning the loss of my summer tan. I’ve been busy swapping out my beloved cut-off’s for cozy leggings and savoring warm cups of coffee while snuggled in mounds of blankets. Today though, we’re decorating some mini pumpkins! 

Disclaimer: This is more of an inspiration post rather than a true ‘how-to’ because really, you can’t go wrong with glitter and sequins. Ever. These were such a blast to create and the possibilities are endless!


Lots of mini pumpkins…get more than you think you’ll want because it’s addicting!

  • Glitter…lots of glitter
  • Pearls, ribbons, sequins etc.
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Mod Podge & Tacky Glue




Chanel Pumpkin: Using white acrylic paint, paint 2 coats over entire pumpkin. Paint stem gold. Trace or hand-draw Chanel Logo, fill-in using black acrylic paint. Using tacky glue, apply small pearly beads around stem. Coat with thin layer of Mod Podge gloss to seal and shine.

Black and White Stripe Pumpkin

Glittering Gold Stripes

A Simple Black Stem

glam pumpkins-13

glam pumpkins-22

glam pumpkins-32


Glitter Guide: Glammed-up No Carve Pumpkin How-to

Spray Paint & Chardonnay: Sequined Pumpkin

Unoriginal Mom: Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin

Stone Gable: Knob-top Pumpkins (super original!)

And I took the liberty of illustrating 6 fashion-designer inspired pumpkins because I thought they might be super cute and guess what? They are….ta-da!!

Love it? Good! Because I’m giving this original watercolor illustration away! Just comment below with what your favorite thing about Fall is.

Tackle the Trend: Upholstered Headboard DIY


I haven’t done a DIY post in such a long time, so this makes me excited! I drive Jason crazy sometimes because I always throw out the line, “I could make that.” Now will I make it? No…probably not. But could I? Yes.

Now a headboard…I can do a headboard. We have a perfectly good bed, so why not do a little repurposing? J and I had planned a date night for one of our few nights together, but we decided to spend the $100 on this instead. We popped into Joann’s and we chose a slightly off white leather-looking vinyl. It was the perfect type of material for this project, but a thick linen or similar decorative fabric would work well too.


What You Need:

-Fabric (2 1/2 yards for a King)

-Flat, old headboard

-3″ Foam Padding

-Spray Adhesive

-Staple Gun and Scissors

-Nailhead trim, rope or individual nailheads

Upholstered Headboard DIY How-To:
1. Attach the foam to your headboard

I love this super 77 spray adhesive. It’s super tacky and dries quickly while working well on a variety of different materials. The foam was a little short but we lined it up with the top and it ended up being ok because our mattress comes up pretty high. If I were to do it again I probably would have bought two rolls of foam so I could have wrapped it over the top as well.

2. Attach your fabric

Lay your fabric wrong side up and then lay the headboard down on top of it, wrapping the fabric up and over. We began by stapling the top. I started in the middle and worked our way to the edges. I put a staple about every 1-2 inch. It was a lot of staples…

After the top, I wrapped the corners. This part was a little tricky, but think of it like wrapping a present. I tucked the extra in and did a little straight fold that lined up with the top edge.


After the two top corners, we worked our way down the sides. This was definitely a two person job. Make sure the fabric is tight and even. I cut off the excessive from the bottom and folded the bottom edges the same as I did the top.

The back of it once we finished stapling. Not too shabby!

3. Add your nailhead or trim

Ok, so this part was a doozie! We definitely had to pause for a glass of wine (it was date night after all!) 

This part was really difficult and took some time. We didn’t take into account that we would need some slack in the fabric to account for the 3″ foam. Luckily the fabric had a bit of give and we hadn’t pulled it as tight as possible, but I think if I ever did a project like this again I might attach the nail-trim first, then finish upholstering. We used a measuring tape as we went to make sure we were staying straight, but it was difficult because the roll was not straight. Next time I might do individual nail heads. Jason hammered the nailhead while I measured and made sure it was straight. This part took us a good bit of time, but eventually found a rhythm. We were so nervous the whole time because there was no going back once we started!

The Results

A close up.

We both love how it turned out and it definitely brightens up the room. I’m still shopping around for new bedside tables and some jazz for the wall. The skull that we used to have above the bed got retired to the living room. I’m thinking a large sunburst mirror or something like that would look great above it. Suggestions are very welcomed!

If you are loving the upholstered headboard look, but don’t want to get your hands dirty:

Fashion Inspired Nail Art with Modcloth


Question: What’s better than fashion, beauty and art?

Answer: Trick question. Nothing. Nothing is better than those three things. At least in my world and especially when it’s all three things together! When ModCloth reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in coming up with some fashion-inspired nail art, I would have been a fool to say no.

So my task was to find a dress from their massive collection of gorgeous frocks and find one that I could translate into some fun and stylish nail art. This was definitely the hard part! Deciding which dress to choose was near impossible, but I had just picked up this dark navy polish a few days earlier so I focused on that as my inspiration.

I have a busy work week ahead and several client meetings ahead of me. So I wanted something fun and chic, but nothing over the top crazy. After lots of browsing and indecisiveness, I settled on a sweet lacy navy and gold number aptly named, Marvelous is More. (I love when brands take the time to come up with creative names for their products!)

I started with a solid coat of Sinful Colors in RainStorm. then I used a toothpick with ORLY in Luxe to paint a thin gold stripe 3/4 of the way down. I finished it with a coat of Essie Good to Go. I love how it turned out and think it will be perfect for a busy work week!

The navy is a lot darker in person and the eye-catching gold contrast stripe is simple, yet statement-making. I didn’t use tape or a guide to paint the stripes…because well we just moved and I couldn’t find any, but that definitely would have helped!


I’m feeling so inspired with Fashion Week flooding my Instagram and Twitter feeds. I feel a lot of illustrations coming soon and later this week I’ll be posting about entrepreneurship dreams, must-have fall essentials and my new favorite wine tools!

Sew Much Fun with Bolt Fabrics


When you get invited to a fabric store to pick out some free fabric to do DIY with…

you. do. not. say. no.


Bolt Fabrics in Austin, TX

So when lovely Sara who manages Bolt Fabric‘s social media and PR invited me to check the place out and do a little shopping, I was more than willing. We grabbed coffees and made our way to the little shop located in the heart of  South Austin’s on South Lamar. The location is perfection and inside is just heavenly. Don’t let the lack of square footage deceive you…this place is FULL of the most interesting and amazing fabrics, ribbons and details. 

trimmings, piping, ribbon and details at Bolt Fabrics

Bolt Fabrics Pillows Austin, TX


Inside Bolt Fabrics

I spent at least 30 minutes just making laps being sure to handle every single fabric as I went. Cowboys, cowhide, faux leathers, metallic giraffe they had it all. The ladies were beyond sweet and I had a difficult time choosing a fabric to work with! I finally settled on a great summery aztec-inspired print.


I originally wanted to make an oversized tote to pack all my Blues On The Green and Greenbelt essentials in for the summer months. But when I got home and saw these ratty throw pillows my mother had lovingly made for me over 4 years ago, I knew that they were getting a makeover.



Chloe, of course played assistant for the night. We measured, chopped and stitched. (And of course drank some wine)


And before long, we had some pretty badass new throw pillows for the dining room. untitled-4-4I LOVE how they turned out! And since I got hooked up with 2 yards I still have enough to make that summer tote (another DIY coming soon, don’t worry) I’m a bit of a pillow addict. I just think they are such a fun, inexpensive (if you are able to sew) way to quickly freshen up your space. These add a little pop of color and are exactly what I was looking for to finish off the dining room. What do you guys think!?

If you’re in the Austin area and are looking for fabric, a trip to Bolt Fabrics is a MUST. It beats any other commercial fabric store by a mile. It’s locally owned so you’re dollar is going right back into our community, their prices are SO reasonable, and they host upholstery classes and more!

I special ordered some blue guitar fabric to spruce up our living room pillows next! Sewing is such a valuable skill to have, I gotta shout out to the mama for teaching me that one!

Be sure to follow Bolt Fabrics on Facebook and Twitter as they are always running fab deals and discounts!


Tackle The Trend: Anthropologie Tassel Pillow



I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I know I’m a little late to the party, but I don’t care. I’m pretty happy with every room in my apartment except my living room. Poor little thing has been neglected. I have yet to hang any art (more indecisiveness than lack of motivation) and it’s just all very blah. I mean, I’m a fan of neutrals but I’ve taken it a little too far. So what better than some fun few pillows to spruce it up and give it some life. I mean, it is a ‘living’ room after all! Everyone’s been swooning over the Anthropologie Firenze Velvet pillows for month’s now…but if you’re like me and start crying just at the thought of paying $80 for a pillow, then a DIY version will keep our eyes dry for now.


pillow case of choice (I got mine from Ikea, $4 for 2) and pillow filler (I failed on this part)

embroidery thread – whatever colors please you


needle & thread

Step 1: Make all ‘yo tassels! This is pretty time-consuming, not difficult, but definitely a kick-back and just get it done. I guess you could go buy tassels, but where’s the fun in that? (and you’ll definitely spend way more money) And I doubt they’ll have the fun color choices you get with good old friendship bracelet floss. I got 4 tassels from each pack. I needed about 44 tassels total. It’s super easy, just wrap the string around two fingers about 18-20 times (or however fluffy you want your tassels) and the tie one end with the same color. cut the loop on the opposite end and voila! Tassel time.

Step 2: Attach ‘Em. Once you’ve finished making all your tassels, decide on your color order and spacing. I pinned them one side at a time as I attached them. Then, using a needle and thread beginning attaching them to the edges of the pillow. I went from the inside to hide the thread, pulling tight and tying knots. (see pictures above)oh…you’ve got jokes Mr.Tassel?! helper-tassel

Step 3. There is no step 3, you’re done! (*Drops mic. )

A pretty easy/inexpensive DIY if I do say so myself and I found it pretty therapeutic. A few things I discovered that I would do differently next time though:

  • I would make my individual tassels a little fuller (more wraps around the fingers) and shorter so they are ‘fluffy-er’ and stick out better.
  • Definitely pin the tassels so they are even and laid out correctly.
  • When attaching the tassels from the inside, make sure you pull the needle thread pretty tight so that the tassel is super tight to the pillow so it sticks outwards and does flop. No one likes a sad, droopy tassel.
  • Make sure you tie and secure your thread really well. I got impatient as I went and a tassel fell off after 20 minutes…oops!
  • When doing a pillow DIY, make sure you remember to buy a filler pillow.

And the finished project with a flat, non-puffy filler pillow. I’ll post an IG pic when I finally get my act together and buy a new filler. My next move is tackling the huge empty space above the couch, sewing some more pillows and creating some custom art for a gallery wall.

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried this trend?

Tackle The Trend: An Urban Garden


I don’t know if ‘Urban Garden’ is necessarily a trend, but just go with it. Last year I failed miserably with my herb planter and gardening attempt. The rain and deep freezes came and I let those poor babies fend for themselves. Needless to say they didn’t do so hot. Super dead. I also have successfully turned a beautiful bamboo plant that was gifted to me completely brown; I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did wrong. I got a little discouraged with the whole ‘green thumb’ idea, but figured I’d give it one more shot. My biggest problem is I don’t follow instructions (shocker!) So this time I’ve read the blogs, followed the instructions and I just have to say my little herbs are doing just swimmingly now! (absolutely love that phrase)
Top to bottom: Rosemary Tuscan Blue | Air Plant | Jade Succulent in a vintage planter I bought at a Pint for Pups event

Now apartment living is very restricting in terms of the whole gardening experience. But that doesn’t mean we should feel left out of the fun! I really love fresh basil and wanted to start out with some herbs that I could easily add to dishes when cooking and make some cocktails with. I’ve been wanting to find a purpose for that ridiculous gold bowl I had no business buying last year. Succulents! That is it! So here is what I did:

Step One: The Planters

I bought my galvanized hanging planter box from Ikea and had the BF drill a few holes in the bottom. West Elm has a beautiful collection of amazing planters and terrariums. BUT if you want to shop local…I just discovered this local Austin artist, Ulimade, that makes all her terrariums by hand and they are gorgeous! I bought the glass globe terrarium from Arhaus and the vintage dog succulent planter was from a charity event. Or you could get creative with some DIY planters like these from Apartment Therapy!

image via Apartment Therapy

Step Two: The Soil, Rocks & Filling Stuff

For my herb planter I hit up Target for a 32 oz bag of MiracleGRO potting soil. (Perfect size for a small/midsize planter box like the one I have) For my airplant and succulents I went rock gathering around my apartment complex. I definitely looked a little goofy/toddler-like squatting down staring at rocks w/ a little box (*truth…it was really fun and relaxing). But I wanted to find some more aesthetically appealing ones to fill in the gaps so picky I had to be! 
a box of rocks….in case you were unsure.

Step Three: Pick Some Plants!

 The fun/hard part! Choosing what you want to plant. Seriously, the sky’s the limit. Case and point: Whitney and I ventured over to East Austin Succulents today after the Brit+Co #Remake fair. Luckily we were on a time crunch or we would have spent all of day & money at this place! I had already chosen my herbs at Whole Foods the week before, so now it was succulent/cactus time. We decided on a great assortment of little guys. They all have so much character and uniqueness!

Step Four: Decide on Arrangement and Plant Those Suckers!



Once I decided on the arrangement, I started filling the container with large and ugly filler rocks mixed with the potting soil.



Then it was on to placing the little guys! This was trickier than I thought it would be. Some of them were very flimsy and just awkward. And once I got the the cactus I realized I didn’t really have room from him (maybe it’s a her because she’s pink?) So I put him/her in the dinosaur planter instead!



I Did it! I eventually added a few more small rocks around it all and cleaning it up a bit. But I adore how everything turned out! And I’ve been religious about watering them and getting them enough sun. My friend Armon suggested that actually talking to them helps them grow…luckily I already do that! I talk to the basil the most because it’s sarcastic and a little witty. (J…please don’t send me to the nut-house!)






What do you guys think?! How did I do? I didn’t have much to work with. The weather is finally warming up and I’m so excited to spend a relaxing night or two out here with all my lovely plants, a large glass of pinot and a good book. (who am I kidding…I meant blogs not book.) Have you had any successful with apartment planting?

A Casarella: I Suck at Gardening (Another blogger’s adventures with succulents…it’s a MUST read, mostly because there is an inflatable swan pool toy named Beyoncé)

Tackle The Trend: Over-priced Sugar Scrubs


There is nothing better than a good exfoliating scrub. But there is nothing worse than overpaying for a product you can easily make at home in 5 minutes for less than $5! I made a batch of this sugar scrub for myself/gifts for christmas and I’ve been wanting to share on the blog ever since. Especially because I see so many $10-20 “sugar scrubs” full of crap and well…sugar. Why are you paying $20 for what is essentially just wet sugar?!

Making your own sugar scrubs is so easy, fun and so much more cost effective than anything you could buy on the shelf! The scrub I make is not only a fraction of the price but is free of any chemicals, preservatives or parabens!

My favorite scrub is SO SIMPLE:

1 Cup Brown Sugar

 1/2 Cup Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil


Mix together in a bowl until it has a consistency of damp sand. Yup…damp sand and then transfer to a airtight container or jar. I love these little jars I snagged from Joann’s for just a buck each.Perfect for next to the sink or for traveling. Not only does this scrub leave my skin incredibly soft, but I’ve noticed a huge decrease in the amount of breakouts and stress-related skin issues I’ve been struggling with in the past. Coconut Oil has so many amazing properties, here is a short and interesting article on Coconut Oil in regards to beauty routines. 

Here is a great blog post that has a whole bunch of different combinations of scrubs! This is all part of my personal challenge to phase out packaged/processed foods and just taking better care of myself. I recently won the Ritual Wellness book via Murphy Deesign,ritual-wellness

Not only is it full of useful information and tons of juice recipes, but also several mask/scrubs and skin elixirs using the leftovers of your juicing! So excited. If I try any I just fall in love with I’ll be sure to do a quick post update!

What are some of your favorite at home scrubs/facial treatments? 

Tackle The Trend: DIY Embellished Sweater


IMG_2600Who is loving the embellished sweater trend this winter? Answer: Everyone. So Saturday night I opted out of inflicting another Sunday-morning hangover in exchange for finally getting to this DIY project I’ve had planned for a few weeks. I snagged a plain gray sweater from Old Navy for only $10 with a few ideas in mind.  It’s super soft and has a good heft to it without being bulky. So I snagged a variety of rhinestones from Joann’s and got gluing!

What You Need

- Any sweater. Any material. Although make sure it can support the rhinestones (no one wants sweater-induced droopy boobie syndrome)
– Rhinestones, jewels, anything sparkly! Look for interesting shapes, colors etc.
– Jewel-it tacky glue or E-6000

How I Did It

This project is so easy to execute. The most difficult and frustrating part is deciding how to arrange your gems! (Not a bad problem to have!)  It does require a bit of patience. It’s like watching glue dry…literally. I got cozy and once I decided on a layout, I put dots of glue and let them sit for 5-7 minutes before carefully placing the flat-back rhinestones. (the Jewel-it glue says to wait that long when attaching plastic or metal) This process was a little time consuming and I am thankful I remembered to place a piece of cardboard between the front and the back of the sweater to keep the glue from seeping through. I then resisted the urge to try it on and let the glue set for 24 hours. But I woke up to a new, one-of-a-kind sparkly sweater! I love the final result and the possibilities are endless!

IMG_2607photography by: Katie Jameson

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