Cinco De Drinko! Refreshing and Healthy Cocktails


What a lovely time of year. The weather is finally cooperating and summer is here! I’ve been so busy I also forgot it was Cinco De Mayo tomorrow. Now that I don’t bartend anymore I’m not as aware of holidays, but J still is so he reminded me! (And he’s half-mexican so he has to remember) Being the healthy former bartender that I am, I decided to put together a few recipes for the holiday that are easy, yummy and low-cal! Holidays are an evil trap. They are full of family, friends, fun…and calories. It’s frustrating that people don’t realize how many liquid calories they consume just in drinking. Ouch! So if you’re watching the waistline for summer, think before you drink and make good decisions. Here are two original recipes I whipped up today in under 10 minutes that will keep you giggly, not jiggly. Let’s get cocktail-makin’ shall we?

Margtini…see what I did there? It’s a margarita in a martini glass. So my first drink is a refreshing, frothy and guilt-free blend of fresh (or frozen) cantaloupe, Tequila, simple syrup and ice. That’s all?! THAT’S ALL!

Ingredients and Serving

1.5 oz Silver Tequila (I used Patron…I love Dolce Vida and Republic as they are both organic fyi

1 oz of Simple Syrup

quarter of a small/medium sized Cantaloupe (or equivalent in frozen chunks, frozen will result in a slightly different consistency so just play around!)

4-5 medium-sized ice cubes

Combine all in blender (I used the individual cup on my Ninja) and blend until smooth. Serve in martini glass dressed with wedge of cantaloupe and lime.

This really could be done with any melon too, I just love cantaloupe. It’s also bright, festive and just perfect for a fun holiday like Cinco de Mayo!



I think my favorite part is that blending the cantaloupe aerates it, resulting in a frothy, airy texture which is perfect for long, hot days of drinking when you don’t want to be bogged down by beer or wine. 

The second recipe is a tried and true favorite, but instead of taking the easy way out and reaching for a pre-made mix (read: Sugar and artificial ingredient overload!) give this super easy recipe a try and you’ll be the hero of the Cinco!

I know…you want one NOW! This one is perfecto; combining the sweet tanginess of strawberries and the sweet savory of basil with a twist of lime. It’s a cocktail that is easily prepared in large batches and ingredients are easy to come by. Best of all you get 4-5 strawberries per serving without the guilt of a nasty mix. (You’ll never want a “mixer” drink again)

Ingredients and Serving

1.5 oz Silver Tequila

1 oz of Simple Syrup

4-5 medium to large fresh strawberries

2-3 fresh sweet basil leaves, be sure to rub them together in your hands/fingers before (or if you have a muddler even better!) then add to the blender)

4-5 medium-sized ice cubes

squeeze of half a small lime

Combine all in blender or smoothie maker and blend until smooth. Serve in festive drinkware. I picked up the adorable aqua-rimmed plastic tumbler from Target. Garnish with a fresh strawberry, some basil. I added extra flair to mine with a flamingo stir-stick!

These cocktails will save you a TON of empty calories and sugars! By using fruits with high water content, there is no need for additional mixers or add-ins. The ice provides a good base and the Tequila…is well, Tequila! YA! If you’re not a simple syrup fan, experiment with Agave Nectar or local raw honey. This could give them a very unique flavor as honey is very dominant. (let me know how it goes)


And yes…the basil is fresh from my Herb Planter I talked about in yesterday’s post! And yes…I’m smiling and patting myself on the back for not killing it yet!

Obviously everyone’s taste preferences are different. I prefer a more tart, less sweet drink so I go very easy on any added sweeteners and I also am conscious of what I’m adding to my drinks. But play around and figure out what you love! Have a safe, responsible and fun Cinco de Mayo!

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