What is it like to be a travel blogger?

I’ve been getting some questions over and over from people online (girl, someone’s getting popular) about what it is like to be a travel blogger. Well, while this topic isn’t fresh already, I will spill some beans.
First of all, the life of a travel blogger looks unbelievably awesome on the screen. What’s more, it’s a happy job title that is easy to fall into. And while I do get this “exclusiveness” vibe, in reality, I’ve gotten into many pretty awkward situations in my attempt to make that perfect photo.

For instance, is a pretty shy person I couldn’t help noticing that someone holding a camera attracts much more curious glances than they normally would. This alone made me feel soo uncomfortable many times. What to say about situations when I had to lay on my stomach in the middle of a street to make the shot!

What do you do all day?

Funny, but I tend to hear this question a lot! When I don’t spend a day setting up a still life image, I go through my favorite sites and check on the news for inspiration. Then I answer emails, contact people and send things off if I need to. Then I might edit photos, do some research on the upcoming journey, start writing. I take time out to meditate, eat something new (or, on the opposite, familiar and home-tasting) and sort through new opportunities. I get bored easily so try my best to switch between activities and give my mind a break.