Fashion X Dallas Event Recap: Part One


The weekend was a bit of a blur that I’m still recovering from (is a fashion hangover a real thing?) But alas I had so much fun. I put together the social media strategy for Fashion X Dallas, it was rewarding to watch it all play out and see the event come to life. Big shout out to Caplan Miller for producing such a beautiful event! For those of you who don’t know, Fashion X is a three night fashion event featuring the best emerging and independent designers in fashion. In addition to amazing runway shows there is a jewelry and accessories Gallery where you can meet designers and shop. It was hosted at the Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G) in the Dallas’ art district and I’m just in love with this venue! But enough banter, continue on as I share my experiences during the first two nights of Fashion X Dallas…

 | #FXD 2014 Night One |

Not only was I in charge of making sure our social media was running smoothly, but I was wearing my startup hat too. We also had two of our Phox Charge secure phone charging boxes at the venue to keep everyone’s devices charged so no one would miss a moment! Jason joined me for night one since we (he)  had to set up the charging stations. I decided to go a little fun and flirty for night one with my favorite floral print dress from ASOS. And paired this Short Cast Marquise Crystal Necklace with it. 

One of our secure phone charging boxes in the VIP lounge.

My favorite shows from Night One included Mysterious by NPN, Curlee Bikini, and League of Rebels.

Mysterious by NPN

My absolute favorite look…

Curlee Bikini

The Ross Bennett Collection

Backstage model huddle with Adrienne Yunger


Friday night brought another round of amazing designers, including headliner, teenager fashion phenom, Isabella Rose Taylor. It was a super fun night and I was excited the weather wasn’t too chilly so I could rock this contrast crop top from ASOS, a fun black quilted midi skirt from Fabrik Boutique (Similar Here), Kendra Scott Ivy Bracelet, and Dolce Vita Lace Up Sandals.

The shows were pretty fabulous. My top picks had to be Emily Daccarett, M.E Shirley, Nine Muses, Ese Azenabor and of course, Isabella Rose Taylor.

Emily Daccarett

M.E Shirley

Nine Muses Collection

Backstage with Ese Azenabor

Isabella Rose Taylor

yes…that is a guy skateboarding (actually it was two guys) kicking off the show. Literally, with kick-flips.

And on Wednesdays we wear Pink . wrong…on Wednesdays we wear Isabella Rose Taylor. This girl is on another level. #CoolKid #Respect

 This first two nights of Fashion X Dallas were such a welcomed start to the weekend. I really didn’t know what to expect, but knew either way I was going to love it. (Spoiler Alert: I Did.) Minus a few hiccups only the event staff probably noticed, you wouldn’t have known this was their first year presenting a three-night fashion event of this scale in a new city. It felt like a seasoned event and it left me wanting more! Which luckily I was granted as we still had one more night of shows, featuring a heavy-hitting line up of Project Runway All-star designers. But unfortunately for you, I’ll be wrapping all that up in Part Two! So stay tuned! Who else attended FXD2014; Who were your favorite designers from the first two nights?

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