Monday Motivation 6.2


I went to a birthday dinner for a bartender friend last night and was a little bummed because I had to duck out at 9pm to come home and get ready for the week. The whole ‘sorry I can’t stay out I have to work’ is a fairly new thing for me. Having been a bartender for so long, it’s been an adjustment to get into a routine and ‘more-normal’ hours. While I was disappointed I had to leave instead of sticking around to bar-hop and catch up with friends, I was proud of myself for putting myself first.

While that may sounds selfish, I don’t intend it to be that way. For many years, I’ve put the consideration of everyone; their feelings, judgements, influence etc before my own. But earlier this year, I had a bit of an epiphany. It’s kind of like the emergency procedure on an airplane, ‘secure your mask before assisting others’. I realized that I was running myself into the ground to make sure I was at every event, making sure I didn’t missed anything and just tried way too hard to make sure everyone else was happy. In doing so, I didn’t take great care of myself, was exhausted physically and emotionally and as an end result…wasn’t too happy. And the people around me weren’t all the happy either.

By pulling back, listening to my body and figuring out what I need before worrying about others has made such a huge difference in my overall happiness, quality of work and even bettered my close personal relationships. I feel those 4 things,

“Eating, Sleeping, Working and Laughing” are what it’s all about.

If you can take care of those, the rest will come.

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