My Boobs Have Never Met a Bralette They Didn’t…


seriously…they haven’t. Maybe it’s because underwires just make me want to scream or it’s the former athlete in me, but I spend a majority of my week in sports bras, tanks or nothing. (is that TMI? I don’t care, it’s the truth) But my favorite VS yoga bras were starting to look a little sad (and by sad I mean overly-loved/washed) So I picked up two of these lace bralettes at Target as stand-ins and feel deeply in love. Or rather, my boobs/shoulders fell in love.oh-so-lovely-lace

1. Free People racerback lace bralette // let’s get real, all of Free People’s bralettes have me drooling…

2. Victorias Secret rose lace plunge bra // You will definitely bring the sexy with a plunge-y number like this…

3. Target xhilaration lace bralette // *My personal everyday go-to, lots of colors and only $14.99!

4. Forever 21 lace bralette // Super affordable at $5.99 while still being fun and flirty.

5. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue lacey bra // I love the idea of a wider band adds support and looks perfect under a loose tank in the summer months!

6. Madewell honeydew bralette // Did somebody say Champagne lace?


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  1. nicole @ writes like a girl
    February 11, 2014 at 6:48 pm (1 year ago)

    okay, so i really want to be a bralette girl. i’m gettin’ real tired of the ole underwire and have been looking into some pretty (and comfy) bralett alternatives. my hesistation is that they don’t have a hook in the back, so taking it off isn’t so easy. i loooove my sports bras, but i dread taking them off because my shoulders get all outta whack.

    maybe what i need it to work out more so i can get in and out of my bralettes easier? love these picks, and i’m stoked about the great targer review! i’ve been looking at the ones on Aerie and i think i’ll order a few to try out!

    xo nicole


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