My Best Friend Got Engaged!


About a month or so ago her boyfriend texted me asking for a close friends number, who just happens to be a photographer. I instantly put 2 and 2 together, I mean, why else would he be texting me right?! So of course I lost it and got WAY too excited. They are such an awesome couple and have been together for years. It was just time. The best part was he wanted us to help with the proposal by taking photos of the entire thing, which was obviously going to be a secret because this girl is impossible to surprise. She sniffs out surprises like a bloodhound..but nope, not this time girlfriend!

Photo by Katie Jameson

He went above and beyond, with everything planned to perfection. If you need help planning a pretty stellar proposal, I can now recommend Cam. He rocked. Since they live in different cities they don’t often get date nights, so he suggested they head out to her favorite winery in Florence, Texas. (Because she studied abroad and Florence was her favorite, see what he did there?) It was beyond romantic and I’m so happy we were able to capture the moment so perfectly. He surprised her again by taking her to a house that their families had rented for the weekend so they could all celebrate. THEN, we hit them ALL with this…

This video was a last minute addition to the surprises that only Cam, Katie and I knew about. We played it for everyone when we got to the house. It pulled all the events of the day together, let the parents see the proposal and helped Whitney to understand how the hell Cam was able to pull it all off! She was totally fooled and it was great! It was SO hard to keep all this a secret for almost a month, but we did it! I can’t say enough great things about Whitney, she is my best friend, just a lovely soul and best of all…Cameron is just perfect for her.

The ring is beyond. Every chance I get I take a photo of it…Exhibit A) Milkshakes at the baseball game.

I am so happy I got to make this video for such an amazing best friend and deserving couple. Katie did such an amazing job with the photography, even when we were crawling in the grass to sneak up on them! I’m glad I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore, so I can begin to focus on planning even more important things…like the bachelorette party because,

Love you Whit and Cam!

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