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Penny Filler Ball DIY

sorry for the low image quality…i can’t find my camera :-l

Finally a good use for all those pesky pennies! I always collect random change, we’ll use it to go out to a nice dinner or do something fun once we save up enough. Sometimes the pennies don’t make the cut, but why not put them to good use! I bought some Foam Craft Balls a while back and have been using them to create fillers for the various empty decorative bowls and baskets I have around the apartment. This was honestly a total trial attempt but I really like how it turned out. Granted…it took me a while, it didn’t come out perfect (gluing flat objects on a round surface isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done) but this is an easy DIY for anyone to do.

the sad, sad empty bowl

I did this while watching the 4th Twilight movie so it seriously is that easy. The only hard part was the placement of the pennies was pretty tricky, trying to get them to not overlap (which happened a few times) and I realized there would be gaps so I gave it a quick coat of coral paint (why coral? Because why not?) that would show through. Here’s all you need: 

That white ball is a foam filler ball. At Hobby Lobby; pack of 6 for $3.99 Hot glue gun and pennies are my own. ;)

All I did was put a small dot of hot glue on the tails side of the penny and stick it. I worked in a kind of circular pattern working my way around the ball, added “rings” I guess you could say. Seriously. That. Easy. You have to stick the penny down pretty quick since it dries so fast on the cold penny surface. Guess you could dot the ball but I feel it would be less accurate. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll be gluing more random things to these filler balls so stay tuned for more balls! (wait….what?! ) 

-Happy Crafting!


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