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So I’m all about Skillshare right now! I just took this class: Stop Using Scene Mode, How to Use Your Camera Like a Pro. One of my goals for 2014 is to improve the quality of my content on my blog, especially the photography. I’m not a photographer by any means. But we can all agree having quality photos is essential to blogging, so having a good understanding of capturing a good image is a pretty essential skill.  I’m holding off on the commitment of a DSLR until I can justify the purchase. Instead I bought a high-quality point and shoot for both blogging and business. It is a Fujifilm F850 EXR. Until now, I only used the EXR settings and automatic settings. My photos would be completely hit or miss. Sometimes they would turn out great, others looked awful. I just never knew how to fix the shot. After taking the Skillshare class I have such a better understanding of the equipment, how a camera actually works and got me thinking about how to go about capturing great photos.DSCF0443

I went outside my apartment and got some good practice in. Mostly testing out different points of view, lighting and making adjustments. Both of these are unedited.DSCF0387

I highly recommend taking the class, but here are some of the basics I learned: point-and-shoot-basics

First things first, Getting off Auto/Preset mode and into Manual. This is how to have full control the camera and the shot. It took me a bit of time to understand my camera and the class forced me to actually read my camera manual. (*I’m a notorious anti-manual reader.) This helped me find where to locate all the adjustments. The most important things I needed to find and adjust:

Aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

After I figured this out, it completely changed the quality of my photos. DSCF0372-2

I got in a little practice using the tripod that J got me for Christmas. I’m going to try and take more outfit posts this year. I want to do more style illustrations and this will help me capture my favorite looks when I don’t have anyone to help me.DSCF0375

I set up the tripod for the shot I wanted. The I did a few test shots to make sure the lighting was right. I then used the handy self-timer to steal a few shots. Still need to practice with the face auto detect to see if it will achieve the same results. DSCF0342

So, overall for my first day of actually understanding my camera, I feel much more confident and excited about producing quality pictures. I hope this helps anyone who has been relying on their cameras auto settings and encourages you to make the jump into full manual mode! Like I said, I’m a complete amateur photographer, but that’s no excuse to have poor quality blog photos! So here’s to pretty pictures!

The best advice I could also give is…practice! and Take LOTS of test photos!


2 Comments on Point and Shoot Photography for Blogging

  1. Melissa Alam
    January 5, 2014 at 2:09 pm (1 year ago)

    Gotta love skillshare classes! I’m looking to take one on product photography and styling. I want more Pinterest-worthy photos haha.

    • LaurenJade
      January 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm (1 year ago)

      yes! Skillshare is awesome. I’m a big fan. There actually is a few on styling/staging and photography. :D


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