Sending My Love…


DSCF0594So if you follow me on Instagram you probably already snuck a peek at these little friendly Valentine’s Day cards I whipped up. but I felt the need to elaborate, so…

I really appreciate the beyond wonderful people I have in my life right now. For the first time in a very long time, I have accepted a more tranquil and less-chaotic version of myself. Even though I’m busier than ever now juggling 3 start-ups and a blog, I am happy.  My friends and family have played a large role in helping me find what I guess I would call my inner peace.DSCF0601So I spent some time putting together these fun, simple yet thoughtful cards to send my love to those great friends and family members. I know Valentine’s Day is traditionally for your “significant other,” but my friends and family ARE significant to me. I want to tell them I love them and appreciate them. I try to tell them pretty often, but what a great excuse to send some love notes!? Therefore I got busy with some card stock, a heart stencil I made from a scrap andddd glue/glitter of course. (and yes, I had a marginal win with calligraphy…I’ll take what I can get) Nothing really says, “I value you as a super best friend until the end of time and I think you’re great”, more than a sparkly gold heart. Top it off with some heart-felt words on the inside and you’re good to S.W.A.K! (or in my case, seal with heart washi tape…which is kinda the same thing, right?!)DSCF0607

I think this is a tradition I will definitely continue in the future. What do you feel about sending valentines’ paraphernalia to friends/family? 


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