What Sets Someone Apart as an Entrepreneur? Is it Brains, Personality or a Bit of Both?


Whenever I try to answer the “So what do you do?” question, I always get stuck. It seems to be one that I have to pick and choose my battles:  Am I in the mood to dive right into the full list of all the random-ass shit I seem to somehow cram into my day? Or do I just pick one and pretend all the other things don’t exist for sake of simplicity? I’m confident many entrepreneurs have this same problem. The more I connect with like-minded people reaffirms my belief that this level of crazy, erratic behavior most entrepreneurs exhibit, is in fact acceptable when we do it on behalf of the good of our business. So many hats, yet so little time. But being an entrepreneur is more than just a title, it’s a different way of thinking. entrepreneurs-brain-1Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what drew me to wanting to take this path that I’m on. But the more I think about it and analyze my parents, my upbringing, my creativity and athletic background it’s starting to come together for me. They, (I think unintentionally) raised me to be fiercely independent while still providing support and love. Which helped me open my eyes to opportunities and experiences outside of the little bubble I was raised in. I love that infographic above via the Grasshopper Group because it demonstrates so well what I believe to be true about ‘us’ entrepreneurs. I for one, know the ‘Richard Branson Envy Nodule’ is definitely there because I have his book sitting on my bedside table. And anyone that knows my educational background knows that the ‘Fuhgettaboutit’ definitely rings true. At Found Media Group Matt and I are always grinding, it what we are, grinders. In our line of work you kind of have to be because social media and the internet never sleeps. (although I sometimes really wish it would just take a nap.) So is it really just our brains or is a combo of both our noodles and our personalities? 

I designed that graphic last year after watching the movie Jobs. His story is just so inspiring on so many levels and also just helped me realize what I was doing was ok. It’s my most re-pinned graphic on Pinterest, at over 1800 repins, so obviously others feel the same way.

Entrepreneur Magazine examined the possibility that our brains are just wired differently. Which if you look at some of the decisions we make is most definitely true. Most people with normal jobs think they choices we make are bat-shit crazy. But hey….if it were normal then everyone would do it right? But I think it’s definitely a combination of both. And it’s not like we’re just born entrepreneurs. You become one. You shape your life to embrace the lifestyle. What I love is that it’s also not a one size fits all. I know many of my friends are seeing what I do and want to chase their passions as well. And I think without even knowing it they are adopting an entrepreneurial mind-set. But it’s their upbringings and personalities that are slowing them down. The influences that shaped them are slowly fading while their new influences are beginning to take hold. And that is a great thing, we need to have the ability to let our passions become our path. I met a girl during SxSw who’s startup speaks directly to this and I love the concept. It’s actually called Influences and I can’t wait to download it. It sends you just 2 videos a day that inspire you, keep you motivated and obviously, will help positively influence you. You go girl!

So, to all those entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-training, keep it up, block out the haters, grind, work hard, and chase whatever seemingly crazy ideas you may have,


why not?

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