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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I know I’m a little late to the party, but I don’t care. I’m pretty happy with every room in my apartment except my living room. Poor little thing has been neglected. I have yet to hang any art (more indecisiveness than lack of motivation) and it’s just all very blah. I mean, I’m a fan of neutrals but I’ve taken it a little too far. So what better than some fun few pillows to spruce it up and give it some life. I mean, it is a ‘living’ room after all! Everyone’s been swooning over the Anthropologie Firenze Velvet pillows for month’s now…but if you’re like me and start crying just at the thought of paying $80 for a pillow, then a DIY version will keep our eyes dry for now.


pillow case of choice (I got mine from Ikea, $4 for 2) and pillow filler (I failed on this part)

embroidery thread – whatever colors please you


needle & thread

Step 1: Make all ‘yo tassels! This is pretty time-consuming, not difficult, but definitely a kick-back and just get it done. I guess you could go buy tassels, but where’s the fun in that? (and you’ll definitely spend way more money) And I doubt they’ll have the fun color choices you get with good old friendship bracelet floss. I got 4 tassels from each pack. I needed about 44 tassels total. It’s super easy, just wrap the string around two fingers about 18-20 times (or however fluffy you want your tassels) and the tie one end with the same color. cut the loop on the opposite end and voila! Tassel time.tassle-supplies

Step 2: Attach ‘Em. Once you’ve finished making all your tassels, decide on your color order and spacing. I pinned them one side at a time as I attached them. Then, using a needle and thread beginning attaching them to the edges of the pillow. I went from the inside to hide the thread, pulling tight and tying knots. (see pictures above)talking-tasseloh…you’ve got jokes Mr.Tassel?! helper-tassel

Step 3. There is no step 3, you’re done! (*Drops mic. )

A pretty easy/inexpensive DIY if I do say so myself and I found it pretty therapeutic. A few things I discovered that I would do differently next time though:

  • I would make my individual tassels a little fuller (more wraps around the fingers) and shorter so they are ‘fluffy-er’ and stick out better.
  • Definitely pin the tassels so they are even and laid out correctly.
  • When attaching the tassels from the inside, make sure you pull the needle thread pretty tight so that the tassel is super tight to the pillow so it sticks outwards and does flop. No one likes a sad, droopy tassel.
  • Make sure you tie and secure your thread really well. I got impatient as I went and a tassel fell off after 20 minutes…oops!
  • When doing a pillow DIY, make sure you remember to buy a filler pillow.

And the finished project with a flat, non-puffy filler pillow. I’ll post an IG pic when I finally get my act together and buy a new filler. My next move is tackling the huge empty space above the couch, sewing some more pillows and creating some custom art for a gallery wall.

tassel pillow diy-8 tassel pillow diy-12

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried this trend?


2 Comments on Tackle The Trend: Anthropologie Tassel Pillow

  1. Anne Marie
    May 20, 2014 at 12:58 pm (1 year ago)

    So cute! I made this hack with a World Market “velvet” pillow. Then I promptly spilled wine on it. Hard work down the drain.


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