The 5 Most Beautiful Towns in Spain


Spain is a great country to visit if you’re a fan of entertainment and sunny beaches. Whereas the famous Barcelona and Madrid are the most popular destinations, Spain has many other places that can offer you unforgettable memories.

This country is very colorful, has a lot of amazing people, gorgeous landscapes, and delicious food. You only need to know where to look to fully enjoy its benefits. Sadly, many towns and villages are unknown. Whereas big famous cities become crowded with tourists, some towns don’t have this privilege.

Therefore, the information below is meant to give you some insight into the beautiful parts that Spain has to offer.


This small village is located on Spain’s northern coast and is known for its fishing and delicious seafood. There are many great buildings to see if architecture interests you. For instance, you could see the historic church Iglesia El Pito. Also, you could see the palace ground of the Fundacion Selgas-Fagalde.

The town has a lot of beautiful places to offer, like the blue waters at the Playa del Silencio beach and Cabo Vidio.


This beautiful mountain town is located in Malaga and has gorgeous buildings built in the traditional Andalucian style. It has narrow streets, and they have signs that explain the town’s history. You can shop for souvenirs and food in Ctra Circunvalacion, the heart of the town.

Ctra Circunvalacion also has a balcony that allows you to admire the countryside towards the sea at Nerja.

Castellfollit de la Roca

Nature can amaze us sometimes. It’s the same with this place. A basalt cliff formed where the Toronell and Fluvia rivers meet. Here, the ancient lava flows created this crag, and now there is a town build on it.

The best landscapes can be seen when you are below the town and you look up. That is when you can clearly see the cliff and the buildings on it. Once inside the town, you can visit the local attractions. Some of these are the Broken Bridge, Pont Trencat, and the Sant Salvador Church. It is going to be an unforgettable adventure.

Setenil de las Bodegas

There is no way you can’t be impressed by this magical place. This town is located in Cádiz, and it’s popular because of the way it’s built. It is situated underneath a rock. Basically, the town was built with the gorge’s rock being an external roof wall.

It is known that locals have lived in caves here for thousands of years, and this village is only an extension of that. The town has cafes that are shaded by the gigantic cliff, so you don’t have to worry about the sun rays when staying outside. It is a unique place that you won’t regret visiting.


Olite is located in Northern Spain, in the Navarra province. According to history, it was founded by the Visigoths in the seventh century. However, it only became populated in the 12th century.

Here you can see the Gothic castle Palacio Real de Olite. Apparently, it used to be the seat of Charles III of Navarre, and the public is allowed to visit it. Who doesn’t love visiting castles?

You could also taste some wine at Museo del Wino, visit the Iglesia de Santa Maria la Real and the Galerias Medievales Museum. It can help you learn some things about Spanish medieval history.

Final Thoughts

Spain can offer you a great time if you know where to look. Less famous towns can usually offer you better experiences than Madrid or Barcelona.

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